Falling Into Routines… Sort of

Hanx, Jon and I are finally falling into a routine!

We wake up anytime between 7-9am, hug, pet, feed and play with the kitty and then depending on the day he either roams the house having great fun chasing birds and lizards through the windows, or he naps with us on the couch and has to deal with lots of pets and cuddles.

Then when we get home, anytime between 5-7pm, we hug, pet, feed and play with Hanx. if we’re home during the day, the windows stay open all day and evening. He (and we) enjoy this a lot. We’ve got a great cross breeze that makes hot Florida days pretty tolerable. We don’t run the a/c much, though that might change in the summer depending on Hanx’s ability to tolerate the heat.

I said “…sort of” in the title because I think it is important to not let Hanx get TOO set in his routine, for fear that it gets messed up and he gets stressed out. That’s why we feed him at different times every day, feed him different types of food, and play with different toys. It helps that I work at a restaurant and don’t have a fixed schedule! Variety is the spice of Hanx’s life!

He’s sleeping on the coffee table right now with his legs, tail, and head half hanging off. At least twice a day he falls off and it is so freaking adorable how he tries to play it off. Don’t worry buddy, we know you totally meant to do that.

He’s been getting Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw for one meal a day and he loves it! I’ve only tried the chicken medallions but I just got the venison today and it’s thawing now. hopefully he likes that, too. For wet food we’ve been alternating between Instinct canned and Natural Balance Platefulls pouches. He loves these! I should get more Weruva to keep things interesting. He doesn’t seem to like Merrick anymore, boo. Merrick is always on sale. Thankfully so is Natural Balance. Oh I tried feeding him an egg yolk yesterday! He liked it. I’ll probably try to incorporate that as a once-a-week treat!

He still gets about 10-20 minutes of Da Bird daily and loves the heck out of his Kong Kickaroo and Cat Crazies!

That’s about it for a current cat update. 🙂 meow!


These Two Kitties?

Sometimes it is clearly obvious that Hanx thinks I am a cat. He plays with me as if I am a cat, sometimes even grooms me as if I am a cat. I wonder if I’m depriving him of the joys of sibling-hood by keeping him an only child cat. Jon seems somewhat open to the idea of another cat but only once we get rid of fleas once and for all. I think the sooner the better, so Hanx doesn’t get too assimilated! He seems to be really social and adapts well to change, so I don’t see why we shouldn’t get another cat. We can afford it, and we would (all, Hanx included) love another cat to play with.

Kitty #2 time?

On Feeding Raw

Hanx just had his first raw meal.

Sort of.

I’m trying to see how he’d react to Nature’s Variety raw medallions since it’s something totally new for him, and he loved it! I got a bag of the chicken medallions and got too excited to wait for it to thaw so he got it right away. I thawed them by filling a bowl with warm-hot water and putting the medallion in a glass container floating in the water bowl for about 10 minutes. Halfway through the thawing process I smashed it all up so it would thaw evenly. He totally scarfed it down! One medallion is only 65 calories so he also got some Weruva On The Cat Wok.

Anyway, while on the subject of raw feeding, I have to say it’s something I definitely want to try with Hanxifer for a few reasons. One of the main reasons is as always to avoid future vet bills (dental cleanings, etc.). Also, I’m fairly certain it’s a lot cheaper than the canned food I’m buying for him, and I’ve been told the food and the stools are much less smelly. Hanx doesn’t smell but man some of those canned foods are ridiculous. His poops are sometimes smelly, too (especially after eating Before Grain!).

The next thing I need to research is if it’s a good idea to do 50/50, raw and canned. I don’t have the energy to do 100% raw since that would require… a lot of things I’m nervous about doing.

A Day in the Life


7:30- meow like crazy when man-cat Jon wakes up and gets out of bed. Receive many cuddles and kisses from the man-cat. Pace waiting for girl-cat to wake up.

9:30- girl-cat finally gets out of bed (on her glorious day off) and feeds me. Right before breakfast she and I cuddle and exchange kisses for a while. During my breakfast my girl-cat opens up the blinds and a couple windows so I can enjoy the noisy birds and sneaky lizards from the window sill.


10:07- geez. Need a nap. Too much da bird!

10:45- cat crazies! I love these! Bam! Bam! Bambambam! Every time I touch it it goes flying!

11:00- nap time with my girl-cat. She’s on that dumb iPad and it gets in my way, but I successfully wedge my way in her lap.

12:00- girl-cat checks me for fleas 😦 she gets a bit of flea dust but only a couple fleas. She looks so crazy with that headlamp and tweezer get up. Why doesn’t she understand my protesting wriggles!

12:15- Ahhhhh! The vacuum! Mortal enemy! Time to go into hiding. Girl-cat vacuumed up the place. Hopefully she snagged some fleas.

12:30- Time for window sitting and some scratching.

3:00- whooooo. That was some good quality window sitting. Looks like the girl-cat is getting tired of my restlessness, she’s getting up. Ooh what’s she doing? I think she’s…DA BIRD! DA BIRD!

3:05- ugh. Gotta rest. Can’t walk more than two steps. Ooh a rabbit treat, thanks girl-cat!

3:30- more window sittin’ and a few long scratching sessions.

4:45- girl-cat just took my bed? She took a bag full of stuff, too. Oh she’s leaving! House to myself, pasaaarrty!

5:45- return of my cat-bed! Ooh and it doesn’t have any more of my hair or crumbs or stuff in it! So fresh and so clean. Girl-cat is here to feed me yay!

5:50- I attacked the girl-cat so she brought out the Kickeroo, wheeeee! I think I’ll spend the next TWO HOURS alternating between Kickeroo and napping. Mostly Kickeroo. Girl-cat ate her dinner. Yuck, vegetables.

7:50- Whaaa? Da Bird time? Yay! So unexpected, so fun! I’m an acrobat, look at me go!

8:00- so exhausted.

8:10- Wheeee! Wahoo! Yay! Running around the house like a lunatic is SO MUCH FUN! Who cares if I’m leaving a path of destruction, this is so much fun!!!

8:35- ugh. So tired.

9:00- Checked for fleas again, boo. I just want to rest, can’t you leave me alone?!

Smart Toys

I realized that I’ve made many trips to the pet store for Hanx lately. All purchases were made for great reasons, and were inexpensive, thankfully. The toys I’ve gotten him lately are because I’ve gotten to know him and his personality, as opposed to shopping blindly like I did when he was new to us.

*He was tearing up my arm so he got a Kong Kickeroo, and he loves the shit out of that thing!
*Da Bird was a longshot, but it has turned out to be his favorite toy. He gets maybe 20 minutes a day of Da Bird play and never more than 6-7 minutes at a time because he gets totally pooped.
*The pretzel was a lame attempt to help out with his teeth. He promptly played with it for 10 minutes and then lost it. I have no idea where it is. I’ve since realized raw food will be the best way to help with his dental hygiene. That’s another hurdle to tackle and I don’t think it will be tackled soon.
*Cat crazies! That’s the most recent toy because I realized he loooooved milk rings and my hair ties. These aren’t elastic and are totally safe for him. For such a cheap toy I had low expectations but he absolutely loves them.

With these purchases I’ve realized what I should have done was wait to get to know him before buying things for him. I have a crinkly tunnel that he never uses, a cat bed that he never uses, and tons of balls with bells in them that he doesn’t care about at all. He loves balled up aluminum foil, paper bags from the grocery store and stretching out on our living room rug!

My money should be going towards his food, his health. I think, for a few reasons, I’m done buying toys for now!

There will be no kitty dedicated iPad.

Spoiled Hanx Gets Another Toy

In an effort to keep things interesting/feed my obsession with my cat, I bought him Da Bird today.

This thing looks like any old toy, it completely underwhelmed me. I heard great things about it – if you look on Amazon it has 230 four and five star reviews, and 26 one and two star reviews. I expected a lot and this toy totally delivered! We had so much fun playing with it this afternoon – Hanx was flying all over the place, becoming an acrobat I hardly knew existed!

Da Bird

We didn’t spend too long playing during the initial introduction and he’s totally pooped – lying horizontal on our terrazzo floors at 7pm!

It’s obvious what is unique about this toy: it’s weighted and “flutters” as it flies. I’ve read some reviews about the handle being made of dangerous fiberglass so I’m thinking I might tape over it? I’ll have to figure it out, little fiberglass splinters sound no bueno.

I also got Hanx this little pretzel toy, which is marketed as a “Plaque Away Pretzel” as I’m getting interested/concerned about his dental hygiene. His teeth and gums look fine, but I know dental cleanings are a sneaky thing that end up costing money that I’d rather not pay. I’m going to look into supplemental raw feeding, since that should help clean his teeth in a noninvasive manor. I’m essentially avoiding brushing his teeth :X I’m also essentially avoiding future vet bills. That’s the reason I’m attempting to take all sorts of preventative measures: feeding him canned grain free food, keeping him indoors, and exercising with him regularly. I may have Pet Assure but that doesn’t mean I want to spend any money at the vet!

Oy, this post is all over the place.

Game Changer

“Is there something we need to talk about…?”

It was sarcasm, said with a laugh, but my friend was right. My arm and hand looked like I had been scratching or cutting myself, and it was all thanks to my rambunctious cat. He would pounce out of nowhere and tear up my flesh, it was getting pretty ridiculous(ly painful). THEN I found a gamechanger.

The Kong Kickeroo.

Seriously, this thing has been amazing!!! He kicks furiously with his hind legs, claws at it, chews it (which is the only downside, since it has feathers. He can only play with it while supervised.) and generally carries it around with him like a little pet.

This silly looking toy has changed my life.

Hanx is in love

Small Victories

Recently Jon and I left The Hanxifer for the first time and went out of town to see Radiohead. My Dad was the lucky cat sitter. He just swung by after his work day and fed him, but for a person who is notoriously apathetic about cats, I was impressed he agreed. Turns out he not only came over and fed Hanx, but also relayed to my Mom that he was even cute! He apparently kept meowing and wanted to play! Hanx is such a good cat-bassador.


He’s cat sitting for us this upcoming week for f o u r days, so I hope he truly enjoys Hanx’s company! I’m thinking about asking a couple other people to come over and play with him/give him cuddles, but can’t decide if that’s just my neurosis talking or if he’d really benefit from it. I don’t want him to be lonely 😦