Adventures in Cat Food

Hanx here is what I’m assuming is a cat-nomoly. He will eat whatever food I put in his bowl!


fyi: He does not eat iPads. Probably because they won’t fit in his food bowl..

He’s been through a lot of options, since I’m trying to find a few that meet a couple standards:

1. He likes it. A lot. I can afford to be picky because he likes so many, I might as well choose the ones he loves!

2. I like it. This means it’s not too expensive, I agree that the ingredients are something I want Hanx to eat*, and it doesn’t smell like someone’s been farting all day long (I’m looking at you, Before Grain 96% Salmon!).

The price is actually low on my list of standards because luckily I don’t have a ton of expenses so I’d be willing to shell out some dough on some really great cat food. Here’s what we’ve tried:

*Science Diet– he ate it. It’s what the shelter sent us home with, so we used it.
*Whiskas wet pouches– a cat video we saw said variety packs were a good way to keep a cat’s interest in different foods, so without knowing much, I grabbed a variety pack of wet Whiskas pouches for him. He loves these.
*Nature’s Variety– after researching and finding this thread through a friend, I decided on Nature’s Variety to try next. He loooves this food, whatever the flavor. We have wet and dry, though I rarely give the dry to him. When I do though he tries to chew through the bag!
*Purina Beyond– this is what my vet told me to get for him, so without looking into it further, I did. He liked it a lot, but once I saw that they used soy protein isolate among other weird ingredients, I freecycled it as well as the Science Diet. A man who feeds father/son feral cats was very happy to receive the food.
*Evangers– this has been the only food Hanx was iffy about. He ate it all, but it took him a while.
*Weruva– he gobbled this shit down. It was the steak frites.
*Natural Balance platefulls– this is another one he goes crazy for!
*Innova– he liked this one. I don’t know if he loved it like he’s loved some others, but he likes it.
*Merrick– he and I love this one! I think this one just didn’t smell as bad as some others. We tried Ocean Breeze.
*Before Grain– he likes this one a lot. I think it smells like old man farts. It seems to smell up the house, too. Maybe I’ll give one other than salmon a try.

I’d like to try Tiki Cat, Wellness, and b.f.f. soon and see what he thinks!

These are some awesome resources I’ve used to learn about cat food and nutrition:

*Essentially the ingredients I’m looking for are grain free with no fillers. I want everything he’s eating to have a purpose, to keep him strong, healthy and happy, and to be something a cat ought to be eating. Perks include: lower chance of outrageous vet fees, super silky shiny coat, playful and happy cat.


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