Falling Into Routines… Sort of

Hanx, Jon and I are finally falling into a routine!

We wake up anytime between 7-9am, hug, pet, feed and play with the kitty and then depending on the day he either roams the house having great fun chasing birds and lizards through the windows, or he naps with us on the couch and has to deal with lots of pets and cuddles.

Then when we get home, anytime between 5-7pm, we hug, pet, feed and play with Hanx. if we’re home during the day, the windows stay open all day and evening. He (and we) enjoy this a lot. We’ve got a great cross breeze that makes hot Florida days pretty tolerable. We don’t run the a/c much, though that might change in the summer depending on Hanx’s ability to tolerate the heat.

I said “…sort of” in the title because I think it is important to not let Hanx get TOO set in his routine, for fear that it gets messed up and he gets stressed out. That’s why we feed him at different times every day, feed him different types of food, and play with different toys. It helps that I work at a restaurant and don’t have a fixed schedule! Variety is the spice of Hanx’s life!

He’s sleeping on the coffee table right now with his legs, tail, and head half hanging off. At least twice a day he falls off and it is so freaking adorable how he tries to play it off. Don’t worry buddy, we know you totally meant to do that.

He’s been getting Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw for one meal a day and he loves it! I’ve only tried the chicken medallions but I just got the venison today and it’s thawing now. hopefully he likes that, too. For wet food we’ve been alternating between Instinct canned and Natural Balance Platefulls pouches. He loves these! I should get more Weruva to keep things interesting. He doesn’t seem to like Merrick anymore, boo. Merrick is always on sale. Thankfully so is Natural Balance. Oh I tried feeding him an egg yolk yesterday! He liked it. I’ll probably try to incorporate that as a once-a-week treat!

He still gets about 10-20 minutes of Da Bird daily and loves the heck out of his Kong Kickaroo and Cat Crazies!

That’s about it for a current cat update. 🙂 meow!