A Day in the Life


7:30- meow like crazy when man-cat Jon wakes up and gets out of bed. Receive many cuddles and kisses from the man-cat. Pace waiting for girl-cat to wake up.

9:30- girl-cat finally gets out of bed (on her glorious day off) and feeds me. Right before breakfast she and I cuddle and exchange kisses for a while. During my breakfast my girl-cat opens up the blinds and a couple windows so I can enjoy the noisy birds and sneaky lizards from the window sill.


10:07- geez. Need a nap. Too much da bird!

10:45- cat crazies! I love these! Bam! Bam! Bambambam! Every time I touch it it goes flying!

11:00- nap time with my girl-cat. She’s on that dumb iPad and it gets in my way, but I successfully wedge my way in her lap.

12:00- girl-cat checks me for fleas 😦 she gets a bit of flea dust but only a couple fleas. She looks so crazy with that headlamp and tweezer get up. Why doesn’t she understand my protesting wriggles!

12:15- Ahhhhh! The vacuum! Mortal enemy! Time to go into hiding. Girl-cat vacuumed up the place. Hopefully she snagged some fleas.

12:30- Time for window sitting and some scratching.

3:00- whooooo. That was some good quality window sitting. Looks like the girl-cat is getting tired of my restlessness, she’s getting up. Ooh what’s she doing? I think she’s…DA BIRD! DA BIRD!

3:05- ugh. Gotta rest. Can’t walk more than two steps. Ooh a rabbit treat, thanks girl-cat!

3:30- more window sittin’ and a few long scratching sessions.

4:45- girl-cat just took my bed? She took a bag full of stuff, too. Oh she’s leaving! House to myself, pasaaarrty!

5:45- return of my cat-bed! Ooh and it doesn’t have any more of my hair or crumbs or stuff in it! So fresh and so clean. Girl-cat is here to feed me yay!

5:50- I attacked the girl-cat so she brought out the Kickeroo, wheeeee! I think I’ll spend the next TWO HOURS alternating between Kickeroo and napping. Mostly Kickeroo. Girl-cat ate her dinner. Yuck, vegetables.

7:50- Whaaa? Da Bird time? Yay! So unexpected, so fun! I’m an acrobat, look at me go!

8:00- so exhausted.

8:10- Wheeee! Wahoo! Yay! Running around the house like a lunatic is SO MUCH FUN! Who cares if I’m leaving a path of destruction, this is so much fun!!!

8:35- ugh. So tired.

9:00- Checked for fleas again, boo. I just want to rest, can’t you leave me alone?!