Small Victories

Recently Jon and I left The Hanxifer for the first time and went out of town to see Radiohead. My Dad was the lucky cat sitter. He just swung by after his work day and fed him, but for a person who is notoriously apathetic about cats, I was impressed he agreed. Turns out he not only came over and fed Hanx, but also relayed to my Mom that he was even cute! He apparently kept meowing and wanted to play! Hanx is such a good cat-bassador.


He’s cat sitting for us this upcoming week for f o u r days, so I hope he truly enjoys Hanx’s company! I’m thinking about asking a couple other people to come over and play with him/give him cuddles, but can’t decide if that’s just my neurosis talking or if he’d really benefit from it. I don’t want him to be lonely 😦