Smart Toys

I realized that I’ve made many trips to the pet store for Hanx lately. All purchases were made for great reasons, and were inexpensive, thankfully. The toys I’ve gotten him lately are because I’ve gotten to know him and his personality, as opposed to shopping blindly like I did when he was new to us.

*He was tearing up my arm so he got a Kong Kickeroo, and he loves the shit out of that thing!
*Da Bird was a longshot, but it has turned out to be his favorite toy. He gets maybe 20 minutes a day of Da Bird play and never more than 6-7 minutes at a time because he gets totally pooped.
*The pretzel was a lame attempt to help out with his teeth. He promptly played with it for 10 minutes and then lost it. I have no idea where it is. I’ve since realized raw food will be the best way to help with his dental hygiene. That’s another hurdle to tackle and I don’t think it will be tackled soon.
*Cat crazies! That’s the most recent toy because I realized he loooooved milk rings and my hair ties. These aren’t elastic and are totally safe for him. For such a cheap toy I had low expectations but he absolutely loves them.

With these purchases I’ve realized what I should have done was wait to get to know him before buying things for him. I have a crinkly tunnel that he never uses, a cat bed that he never uses, and tons of balls with bells in them that he doesn’t care about at all. He loves balled up aluminum foil, paper bags from the grocery store and stretching out on our living room rug!

My money should be going towards his food, his health. I think, for a few reasons, I’m done buying toys for now!

There will be no kitty dedicated iPad.