Spoiled Hanx Gets Another Toy

In an effort to keep things interesting/feed my obsession with my cat, I bought him Da Bird today.

This thing looks like any old toy, it completely underwhelmed me. I heard great things about it – if you look on Amazon it has 230 four and five star reviews, and 26 one and two star reviews. I expected a lot and this toy totally delivered! We had so much fun playing with it this afternoon – Hanx was flying all over the place, becoming an acrobat I hardly knew existed!

Da Bird

We didn’t spend too long playing during the initial introduction and he’s totally pooped – lying horizontal on our terrazzo floors at 7pm!

It’s obvious what is unique about this toy: it’s weighted and “flutters” as it flies. I’ve read some reviews about the handle being made of dangerous fiberglass so I’m thinking I might tape over it? I’ll have to figure it out, little fiberglass splinters sound no bueno.

I also got Hanx this little pretzel toy, which is marketed as a “Plaque Away Pretzel” as I’m getting interested/concerned about his dental hygiene. His teeth and gums look fine, but I know dental cleanings are a sneaky thing that end up costing money that I’d rather not pay. I’m going to look into supplemental raw feeding, since that should help clean his teeth in a noninvasive manor. I’m essentially avoiding brushing his teeth :X I’m also essentially avoiding future vet bills. That’s the reason I’m attempting to take all sorts of preventative measures: feeding him canned grain free food, keeping him indoors, and exercising with him regularly. I may have Pet Assure but that doesn’t mean I want to spend any money at the vet!

Oy, this post is all over the place.