On Feeding Raw

Hanx just had his first raw meal.

Sort of.

I’m trying to see how he’d react to Nature’s Variety raw medallions since it’s something totally new for him, and he loved it! I got a bag of the chicken medallions and got too excited to wait for it to thaw so he got it right away. I thawed them by filling a bowl with warm-hot water and putting the medallion in a glass container floating in the water bowl for about 10 minutes. Halfway through the thawing process I smashed it all up so it would thaw evenly. He totally scarfed it down! One medallion is only 65 calories so he also got some Weruva On The Cat Wok.

Anyway, while on the subject of raw feeding, I have to say it’s something I definitely want to try with Hanxifer for a few reasons. One of the main reasons is as always to avoid future vet bills (dental cleanings, etc.). Also, I’m fairly certain it’s a lot cheaper than the canned food I’m buying for him, and I’ve been told the food and the stools are much less smelly. Hanx doesn’t smell but man some of those canned foods are ridiculous. His poops are sometimes smelly, too (especially after eating Before Grain!).

The next thing I need to research is if it’s a good idea to do 50/50, raw and canned. I don’t have the energy to do 100% raw since that would require… a lot of things I’m nervous about doing.